Labor and falsification until there is none of both anymore…,
searching with irreal tools for the lost sense…,
neither compassion nor compagnion…,
outcasted in the desert of himself…,
amongst anorganic creatures sucking dreams.

Received as much as the soul carries through infinity…,
and disintegrated it all to prepare for the singular state.

Juxtapositions of a timebomb in front of sleepy enemys…
and changes of danger…;

Chased by the past and fallen into the future…,
the Mag sways as a naked transmitter…,
between the beginning of knowledge…
and its absolution of an imaginary end…;

fusioning visions and crafts(…)

(Prose Extract 2016)

born 21.6.1978 in Oberndorf. (Salzburg)
primar- and secondary school in Salzburg…, 2 years of college.
after school different employments like as carpenter, in production service…, and as care-giver.
in the middle Nineties…, first experiments with photography, drawing of surrealistic „comic“-paintings.

different art-assignments such as drawing sketches for a magazin or designing the restroom in a coffehouse followed…; temporary employment at Mutant-Decoration as „visual Realizer“.

around 2000 -settled down in Vienna…; continuation of my visual work in form of pictures with acrylic and oil…,
Realization of various collages connoting different grafic-aspects. Intensivation of photographic excursions…, such
as fashion photography or architecture (perspective orchestration).

First interventions in public space and their
photographic documentation in focus of its semiotic (symbolic) content.

2003 – 2005 Photographyschool in Adult-Educationalcenter for Art.
2005 – 2010 Studies at University for applied Arts (Photography)

since 2010 semiotic and grafic approaches with pencil using natural (organic) and geometric (reduced) patterns.