StreetArt (Info)

After a couple of graffiti-experiments in teenage-times…, I fell more into Street-Artism at ~ the beginning of the twentieth Century. Posters and stickers were placed and the interventions suddenly exploded in this first years.
I instantly thought this movement would be a great possibility for interdisciplinary communication on the streets. So I also investigated public traces of human interaction in general…, like some carvings…, or the „Dialog“ of doodles in public bathrooms.
The serial symbolism and stilistic logos of this street-actions are integrative…, somehow they appear to fuse with their environment… and so on wither with it…, as long as they are not removed. They are also baptizing (marking) the place -where they are fixed- as an Art-Space. (…)
It seems there is an immanent-natural urge of humans to expose…, respectively to express themselves in public areas…, so that they can measure their habitat and understand the hints of their territory.

The aims of my interventions were mostly to create  paradox moments…, to slightly untighten the sterile chill of our city-scapes. Its an intersting game with the street and its susceptibility for graphical manipulation.
(Would you try to use an elevator with a -Out of Order- Sign on it?)

Most of the interventions stood for just a few days…; apparently society is allergic to deregulations in their iconologic web (…)