First nervous impulse
Last pulse of antimateria
Imagining the black hole
Endolution of the soul
Emptyness fuses
Stretching space
Extirpating time
Progress is your illusion
Continuity is your waste

Disintegration of thoughts
Endless inspiration without background
Tightened synergy
Endless awekening in a dream
Killing sobriety
Endless sleep with open eyes
Synthesis of nowhere
Endless contaminating purity
Manifested ingenium
Endless road without a curve

Wordless determination
receptive obsession
Alpha and Omega in their hyper-penetration
Unseekable perfection
Level without depth

Your imagination is wild strength
My humility is your undivisable poetry
Irresversible truth
You arent the soup of science in my head
Corrosive intelligence
Exile of oppositional infinities
I hate myself by loving you

Finality of symmetry
Excessive strings Of indifference
Ambiguous element of unseen spirituality
My dirty soul was your accident
My thinking is your coincidence
But my helpless perception is your demiurge

(…) When I am reflecting about you…,
I feel like an ass named God

(Poem about the Universe)

Markus Konecny