Picture Interpretation


After the so called iconoclasm the pictures obviously stormed us…; and they do it in an inflationary way…, like the theories which are emergently written about it…
Pictures are bunches of information…, they are frozen mirrors…, cells which are loaded with a huge socio-semiotic content. The picture says more than thousand words…, because it apparently consits of more than thousand words. Therefore the pictures are sensed and interpreted in a more holistic way…, like for example the experience of listening to music (tones)…

It seems cognition internally works with picturizing reality. There always remains somekind of readability in the mimetic forms of images…; even the abstract ones find their phenomenological analogy by functioning as a ritualized totem (idolatry).

Historical contexts and semiotic ambiguities may disappear while we watching them from different perspectives…;
and so it might not be exaggerated to say…, that pictures in general are the Esperanto of our symbolic-human communication…